Client: Südtirolerplatz 13 Besitz GmbH
Location: Graz, Steiermark
Dimensions (usable area): 7.600 m²
Construction period: 2007-2011
Building costs: 16,0 Mio. Euro

Fotos: Angelo Kaunat
Dieses Projekt wurde mit dem Preis „best architects 14“ ausgezeichnet


The site is situated in the district Gries of the City of Graz, at the Südtiroler Platz, close to the Kunsthaus. The planning intends the reorganization of the former ÖGB-head office, formerly the Hotel "The Elephant", to a building-, office- and commerce building and a double-floor heightening of the roof. In addition, there is projected a new, five-floor building complex instead of the "Youth's Clubhouse", located in the Defreggergasse 3. The construction receives a double-floor underground car-park, developed from the Feuerbachgasse. There will be built a total of 66 freehold-dwellings: in the existing floors at the Südtiroler Platz are intented dwellings with high-quality standards with balcony to the inner court. The groundfloor and the hall-addition in the inner court are reorganized as commerce-zone. The double-floor heightening of the roof is formed as an autonomous, sculptural element at the corner to the Feuerbachgasse and contents de luxe dwellings with generous roof-terraces. The new complex in the Defreggergasse offers different living standards - from ground-floor apartments with garden over high-quality dwellings with balcony and loggia in the upper floors to de luxe penthouses with roof-terraces. There is planned a café in the ground-floor of the common used inner court.